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About Us

Crafted with care, worn with Pride
Welcome to The Lab GC!

We kicked off this awesome journey back in 2020, right in the heart of the Gold Coast's surf culture. Our roots run deep in the sandy shores and salty waves, and we're all about those good vibes you get when you're chilling with your mates.
Our brand is a living testament to our love for the coastal lifestyle.
We're all about building a community of like-minded folks who share our passion for riding the waves and living the dream. We're here to light a fire under your creative spirit with our super unique style and designs that'll blow your mind.
Now, the story behind our name – "The Lab Gold Coast." During the COVID 2020 lock down, a group of friends were the kind of crew who's always experimenting with new stuff. From brewing up some killer beer to crafting wicked surfboards, painting up a storm, handcrafting rad gear, and even growing our own little jungle, it's been a wild ride of creativity and exploration. And you know what? "The Lab" just sums up that whole spirit of adventure and innovation that we're all about.
So, don't be shy! Come on in, check out our gear, and let's ride the waves of creativity and adventure together. This is The Lab Gold Coast – where surf life meets endless possibilities! 🌊🤙

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